5001 kg domestic gas pellet boiler

5001 kg domestic gas pellet boiler

After gas-fired 5001 kg domestic pellet boilers for low-nitrogen transformation impact: environmental protection efforts continue to increase, the provinces and cities have introduced various environmental policies. Air pollutant emissions is one of the main issues of governance and environmental protection sectors. For gas-fired boilers for low-nitrogen transformation has also become popular, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Xi'an and other places are carrying out renovation work and out of the boiler. Natural gas as a clean energy, can be reduced nearly 100% of the sulfur dioxide and dust emissions, 60% of carbon dioxide emissions and 50% of nitrogen oxide emissions, and help to reduce acid rain, global warming alleviate, reduce proportion of the amount of coal energy important energy; corresponding gas boiler has gradually been used and popular. But not as long as the use of gas-fired boiler can, according to China's introduction of the latest air pollutant emission standards, Beijing and Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta and other regions, and Zhengzhou, Xi'an and other cities ever to perform the most stringent air pollutant emission standards --30 mg / cubic meter. Many enterprises due to gas-fired boiler installation time relatively early, current nitrogen oxide emissions higher than this standard, however, when the burner exhaust emissions can not meet the standards formulated by the state, need to deal with the transformation of low nitrogen may continue to be put into use .

Steam 5001 kg domestic pellet boiler pressure gauge should pay attention to matters 1, rated steam pressure less than 2.45MPa steam boiler and pressure gauge accuracy not only in 2.5; rated pressure steam boiler child or equal to 2.45MPa, the pressure is too spread made not less than 1.5 level. Dial gauge diameter of not less than 100mm, in order to ensure the operation of the operator to see the surface of the pressure value shown. 2, should draw the red line on the dial gauge steam boiler, he pointed out that the maximum allowable working pressure. 3, the steam boiler pressure gauge should be provided at a convenient place to observe and purging, and to prevent the high temperature affected, freezing and vibration. 4, steam boiler pressure gauge should check at least every six months once the check should seal. 5, the pressure gauge connection tube steam boiler should leaks steam leakage phenomenon, otherwise it will reduce the pressure instruction value. 6, a steam boiler gauge scale element should be compatible with the measured working pressure, working pressure, typically 1.5; 3 times, preferably 2 times. When no steam boiler gauges, pressure gauges or pressure damage did not meet the requirements of the apparatus, boiler steam pressure gauges of the following circumstances, should stop using: 1, the surface glass breaking or blurred dial scale; 2, no seals , damage or seal verification period exceeded; 3, no pressure gauge pointer finite bit staple staple can not be restored to the limit at infinite set of bits from zero gauge pressure exceeds the pressure data bits garment allowable difference?; 4, the jump table or a pointer leak; 5, other effects gauge accurate defect. The use of the accumulator: the accumulator for a hydraulic accumulator system intermittent mechanical, hydraulic fluid may be stored in the actuator output when a batch or a low speed, and the actuator requires a large flow of fast-moving, as an auxiliary energy providing oil to the system together with the hydraulic pump, oil pump and thereby achieve miniaturization of the entire hydraulic system, to achieve the object of absorbing the impact energy sudden change fast opening and closing valve and the hydraulic load, the system generates a pressure shock, pet cause vibrations and noise, and even damage the machine. The accumulator can be alleviated, which absorb fluid shock absorber pressure pulsation absorbing accumulator, and reducing the pressure pulsation and flow pulsations of various pump, thereby reducing system noise and vibration. Having a damping effect of the gas spring accumulator, it can be used to absorb the mechanical vibrations between the body and the traveling wheel of the vehicle and the like. The accumulator can be balanced upright actuator (hydraulic cylinder) and gravity load decreases when the potential absorption into hydraulic energy store, while generating the rate-limiting resistance; upright when the actuator rises, releasing the original absorbing energy accumulator , together with the pump oil to the hydraulic cylinder, in order to achieve balance and energy.

In recent years, Ningbo municipal government attaches great importance to environmental protection, air pollution prevention and control work to strengthen the organization and leadership, the establishment of a multi-sectoral collaboration to air quality at the core of the atmospheric environment management systems. And introduced a new quality of atmospheric environment deadline for compliance plan, as follows.

Strict implementation of total coal consumption control, to further optimize energy consumption structure, strive to 2020, coal consumption accounts for the proportion of primary energy consumption control in about 40% of coal consumption is not higher than 2011 levels, and completely cut coal province issued the task .

Strengthen management work focused on coal-fired projects, continue to promote the elimination of the transformation of small coal-fired boilers. 2019, phasing out 10 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers and, in 2020, the county level and above urban area basically eliminated tea furnace, operating a stove, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities; basically eliminated the city's 10 -35 steam t / h coal-fired boiler; 35 t steam / hour and more polluting fuels and ultra-low emissions energy boilers complete transformation.

Strengthening coal quality control, within the city limits the use of ash> 16%, sulfur> 1% low-quality coal, fuel encourage high value, low sulfur, low ash blending works. 2019, the establishment of the city's coal regular testing, sampling tests system. In 2020, the city's clean coal utilization rate of 90%.

Increase natural gas use, and actively promote major infrastructure construction official website of natural gas, LNG receiving station and other utilization of natural gas, natural gas Daly improve utilization levels.

Enhance the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises. Actively promote advanced energy conservation projects integrated coal demonstration projects, large-scale generating units coal consumption reached the advanced level of the same type of unit.

Development of central heating, central heating project to optimize the layout, promote industrial parks focused on central heating. Focus on industry gathering area, industrial park development of cogeneration, and encourage qualified development of thermoelectric cooling area for the triple. Further improve the matching of heating pipe network, construction of efficient, fast heat pipe network. 300,000 kilowatts and above cogeneration power plant 15 kilometers behind the small coal-fired boilers and coal-fired thermoelectric heating within a radius of all closed down integration.

Gas-fired steam 5001 kg domestic pellet boiler, gas steam boiler buy several natural gas boiler should pay attention to, the purchase of natural gas boilers points to note from the National Development and Reform Commission learned that China's coal to gas steam boiler is widespread promotion of the implementation, will enter a stage of comprehensive reform. Xinjiang is about to be the most important work to complete the rectification, the rectification process of the Central Plains and northern regions also increased the intensity and speed of more than 40% of the coal-fired steam boilers, gas-fired completed the replacement of the country. At this stage there are a lot of users need to buy gas-fired boilers to meet the current national environmental policy, I would buy natural gas boiler problems and the majority of users to exchange views in order to buy the rest assured, with satisfaction. First and foremost do with the current coal-fired steam boiler model number and tonnage, boiler gas production and steam pressure that is being used enough, if we can current production, gas production and pressure on the election of equal size gas steam boiler, if not enough or barely enough, you need to choose a slightly larger model of boiler is the second point you are ready or the near future to expand the scale of production, it is necessary to recalculate gas production gas steam boiler, steam boiler of the gas production and future production scale be able to adapt. I met a lot of friends only consider the current, do not consider the needs of the next few years, thinking only meet the current needs on the line, such as the expansion of production and back. The ideas and practices to create a lot of trouble later, the life of a gas steam boiler is probably about 15, you do not have to change a few years, it is only used when processing a lot of losses. Furthermore, the replacement process is very time-consuming, to re-install the application procedures go again, and delayed production. Do not take precautions, you will regret it. The last thing to note is to ensure that the opening of the gas pipeline, if your area has no natural gas pipeline, is to buy a gas steam boiler also spend the. In determining the purchase of gas-fired, the first not to rush to the boiler transported to the site, first opened gas pipeline things well. A client told me: "I opened a mouth, a natural gas company gave me to do 100,000 a month just to run." So, first hit the point about the relationship, try to spend less money to natural gas mouth opened, then natural gas boiler shipped home.

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